Any tradie worth their salt knows that selling themselves is the key to more jobs.

The only question is “how!”

In addition to staples such as flyers and newspaper ads, more and more tradies are taking to the digital sphere to make themselves known.

Here’s the thing, though: while tradies are increasingly going online, not all are doing it properly.

While being present online can make a huge difference in getting your tradie business more jobs, it needs to be done right. How can you better “sell” yourself online?

Tip #1: You need a tradie website, full-stop

Unless you live in a small country town and are the only tradie for miles around, you need a website.

Think of it this way: if something goes wrong in the home, where are potential leads going to go? Chances are, the answer is Google.

If you want to be found on Google, you need to be there. Simply put, it’s hard to get found online if there’s nothing to find!

Moreover, websites for tradies tell people a lot about your tradie business. In addition to informing and educating, ideally it’ll “sell” your services too with persuasive text, images and appealing layout.

It doesn’t even need to be a full website (although ideally, it should) – something as simple as a Google Business Listing (Google’s answer to Yellow Pages) can get bring in new calls.

Tip #2: Build online networks

Referrals from other tradies can be one of the biggest sources of business for tradies.

Every tradie knows the importance of networking with contractors and businesses from other trades. What many overlook is the power of the internet in building these networks.

There are plenty of widely used and easily accessible online platforms where tradies congregate. For example, forums and social media can provide additional avenues for you to meet fellow tradies and potential suppliers.

This isn’t the first time we’ve talked about online networking for tradies. For a more in-depth break-down, click here.

Tip #3: Be on social media

We give social media a hard time regarding its effectiveness. That said, it’s not completely useless.

Without a doubt, the biggest argument in favour is the sheer number of people you can reach – around 15 million people Aussies are still on Facebook after all.

And that makes it a great platform for advertising.

Unlike billboards, Facebook advertising can be effectively targeted, allowing you to reach specific customers. Location, age and even people who’ve expressed interest in services similar to yours can be reached.

Moreover, it lets people know that you exist and serves as an extension of your customer service, so don’t forget to respond to comments and answer PMs.

Speaking of customer service…

Tip #4: Customer service isn’t just face-to-face

Your skill with a hammer or wrench aren’t the only way you can set yourself apart from other tradies – customer service matters too!

Connecting to your customers builds business loyalty. And since being online grants customers countless additional points of contact with you, it’s also a great avenue for customer service.

If you want your service to stand out from the crowd, consider the following:

  • Including an easy-to-use contact form on your website
  • Using social media to connect with customers
  • Implementing a live-chat on your website
  • Providing an FAQ page or a platform to ask questions
  • Responding to online reviews and addressing concerns
  • Developing DIY quoting tools

Tip #5: Invest in digital marketing for tradies

While each of the ideas above work great in isolation, if you ask us, tailored digital marketing strategies for tradies are hands-down the best way of selling yourself online.

Digital marketing strategies for tradies aren’t just about getting you found – they’re about getting you found:

  • In the areas you want to work in
  • By the customers you want
  • For the jobs you want

This isn’t something that can be forced – it requires careful work. We start by defining your goals, devising a content strategy that pushes you to the top of Google for the jobs you want.

It is one of the most effective and affordable ways of letting your business be known in the online marketplace. Not only does it raise your profile, but since we target specific searches, it ensures that the leads you receive are for jobs that you actually want.

All of these are backed up by well thought-out web design and content. This guides visitors through the decision-making process, building trust in your services and gently nudging them towards calling you.

Start selling yourself online

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