You’ve been plying your trade for a decade. Things have been going well – you’ve maintained a steady stream of jobs, you’ve got a good team and you’re making enough to get by.

But in the last couple of years, things haven’t been going so well and you just can’t put your finger on what’s happened.

  • You’ve still got the same great team
  • The economy is still chugging along
  • Your competitors are still the same

Thought of everything? We have one thing you might not have thought of: digital marketing.

If you think that tradie businesses like yours can thrive in today’s market without the help of digital marketing, then you’re sorely mistaken!

Digital marketing is a hugely important ingredient to your continuing success as a tradie. So how can you tell that it’s time to embrace everything that a digital marketing strategy has to offer you?

Sign #1: You’re not getting any leads

Whether you’re a new tradie or have been in the industry for quite some time, getting new leads is an essential part of your tradie business. After all, it’s not everyday that people have a domestic emergency on your hands!

Successful tradies get in on the ground floor by becoming the first number people see when they need help around the home. Traditional methods like fliers and Yellow Pages listings were been effective at making you that number.

Nowadays though, it’s a completely different story.

Say you need an answer to a question. Where do you go? Google, naturally – for many potential leads, the same applies when looking for a tradie.

Digital marketing strategies for tradies focus on getting you found online. That means making you the first result a lead sees on Google. Moreover, it means getting you leads that are relevant to your business – if you’re based in south-east Brisbane, you don’t want to be found by people living in Cairns!

Sign #2: Brand confusion

Make no mistake, even solo tradies need a unique brand!

Effective branding doesn’t just mean fancy graphics and logos. Anything that sets you apart from other tradies makes up your brand, including:

  • Your image
  • The quality of your service
  • The jobs you’ve done
  • Where you operate
  • The people you help
  • Which problems you solve

Branding shapes the way tradies are perceived by potential customers, and have a huge impact on the purchases people make. Of course, that brand doesn’t mean anything if it isn’t clearly communicated!

One of the best ways tradies like yourself can communicate your brand is online.

A website can be as big and detailed as you want. This gives you the power to build yourself a brand free of the physical limitations that come with paper, signage and brochures.

Share every little detail you want – alternatively, keep it short – it all depends on what your customers want to hear.

Sign #3: You have an outdated website… or none at all!

Most tradies understand the necessity of having a website. What fewer understand is that it needs to be modern too!

This goes beyond aesthetics (although those are certainly important too!) It’s also crucial that the back end is up-to-date too.

Something you mightn’t know is that as of 2018, Google has been actively pushing up sites that are more mobile-friendly at the expense of sites that aren’t. So not only can an old website turn visitors away, it also has a much lower chance of popping up on Google to begin with.

On top of content, advertising and SEO, digital marketing strategies also tweak the back end of your website to bring it up to speed (figuratively and literally).

And if you don’t have a website whatsoever, we can design one for your that looks great, loads quickly and is full of content that convinces people to give you a ring.

Sign #4: You’re getting the wrong type of business

Maybe you’ve got calls flooding in. There’s just one problem: they’re not the calls you’re looking for!

Every tradie has jobs they prefer.

  • Do you prefer nearby jobs?
  • Are certain jobs more profitable than others?
  • Do you specialise in specific problems?

If so, you’ll want all your leads to be for those types of jobs.

The problem with brochures, billboards and Yellow Pages is that for the most part, they’re scattergun approaches towards generating leads. Anybody can see your ad and call you – if you’re looking for specific jobs or suburbs, this can be an issue!

Unlike other marketing strategies, digital marketing delivers you the results you want. Digital strategies like local SEO are tailored towards getting you found by customers in the areas you want.

Additionally, adwords and SEO can also be tailored towards specific services. For instance, let’s say you’re a plumber that specialises in renovations. Sure, you can do run-of-the-mill jobs, but prefer big jobs.

In these cases, we build an SEO strategy and optimise your site for searches related to renovation jobs. We’ll also tweak the content and layout of your site to push visitors towards choosing you for renovations.

The result is more phone calls for the jobs that you actually want, and less time putting up with jobs you either don’t like or don’t want!

Get your tradie business back on track with digital marketing strategies

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Your website can be much more than just an information dump. It’s also be one of the most effective ways of getting more calls, leads, and sales for your tradie business.

And when it comes to digital marketing for, you can’t go part iformat.

Our team specialise in developing effective digital marketing strategies for your tradie business. In addition to building your website, we also provide a huge range of services tailored for the needs of tradies, including:

  • Web design and hosting
  • Monthly content creation and optimisation
  • Ongoing analysis, maintenance and improvement
  • Monthly reporting using advanced analytics

We know that tradies such as yourself are all about tangible results. And that’s exactly what our digital marketing strategies gets you.

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