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We’ve tried to answer all the questions we get asked throughout this website but here are some of the most common in simple, short answers.

No – we have a comprehensive range of marketing services for Tradies including; SEO, Local SEO, AdWords, Websites, Social Media and Collating Reviews.

We offer a guarantee for our SEO because we want to ensure we have clients that believe in our services. Many Tradies we have worked with have been left feeling ‘burned’ by other SEO agencies and even though they can see we get results, they don’t believe 100%. By offering a Guarantee we show belief in our methods and offer assurance to our clients.

Firstly… we know how to get your site to rank. We do all the right things and we know that if we persist in this we will get your site ranking and get your more traffic. More traffic leads to more enquiries.

So we offer a guarantee around generating enough traffic > to generate enough enquiries > to cover the costs of working with us.

It is generally very hard to find companies that offer guarantees in SEO. It’s not an exact science whereby you can say “You will rank #1 for locksmith gold coast” by the 1st of September. And some Trades are very, very competitive and difficult to rank for. So it is difficult to offer a guarantee for any agency doing SEO.

Although, some agencies offer a #1 ranking guarantee – but generally they then target low competition phrases of little value. For example an agency might target “downlight installation cronulla” but if no one is searching for that it’s of little benefit to you. So they can easily meet their guarantee but it does not help you get more calls.

Talk to any digital agency and they’ll tell you the same thing: content is king.

Content marketing is a strategy that revolves around – what else? – content. Instead of hard-selling, it’s all about providing customers with informative, unique content that interests them and ever-so-gently nudges them towards making a call.

Content doesn’t just inform and educate, however.

The home is important, and people want to know they’re getting a tradie that knows their stuff. High-quality content reflects well on you, establishing credibility and trustworthiness as well as helping to prove your experience and knowledge.

SEO is worth the commitment and investment as long as you succeed! Many Tradies have experienced failure in SEO and therefore can think it’s a waste of time. But if you get to the top positions in Google, and stay there, you will get a continuous source of business from the world’s largest source of enquiries.

Importantly, SEO engages and converts at a much higher rate than any other online marketing strategy and therefore provides the most efficient way to generate enquiries. In our experience it provides much better value for money than any type of online marketing including paid ads and social media.

We provide regular reports and updates – that way, you’ll know we’re always working on improving your site. Our powerful analytics and in-depth reporting means you always have a holistic understanding of what’s going on.

But you’ll really know it’s working when the calls and enquiries start flowing in. This is the best sign that our strategies are delivering for you.

We’ve worked with countless businesses from many industries over the years, including:

  • Caterers
  • Manufacturers
  • Dentists
  • Bookkeepers
  • Physiotherapists
  • Charities
  • And more!

Many of our clients have been tradies, including two plumbers, two electricians, one locksmith, one roofer and two air conditioning installers, among many others.

In fact, we’ve helped so many tradies that we needed to dedicate an entirely new part of our business solely to tradie services – this site, in other words!

You do! Unlike other companies, with iformat, you retain complete ownership of your website and anything we create for you. Should you wish to work with another company, everything we have created for you is yours to take.

We do not have any initial setup costs at the beginning of your strategy. In the first 3 months you get at least $13,000 worth of services and may pay less than $6,000.

So if you cancelled the contract – we would lose money and IP. So we have a 12 month contract. But if you cancel at any time – you can simply pay the outstanding value of our work and walk away with no worries at all.


While your competitors might opt for cheaper options, at iformat, we host all our sites on some of the quickest servers in Australia. That way, we can guarantee you a fast-loading website on both desktop and mobile.

Yes you can but we require your site to be hosted within Australia, on local servers that provide fast response times. Speed of your website is a ranking factor and cheap hosting often comes with terrible speed. So if we;re offering a guarantee you

When you search Google for a business, there are three main types of results… Paid, Maps and “Organic”.

Below the paid ads and the maps, are business listings that are called ‘organic’ because you do not pay for them to appear there. You ‘earn’ these spots through effective SEO strategies.

Pay-per-click (PPC) is essentially paid advertising. Each time your advert is clicked on by a potential customer, you pay a fee to the advertiser.

PPC is an affordable way of quickly increasing traffic to your site – not to mention, it is also a great way of targeting customers who are looking for your services!

With PPC, you select what search terms you want your ads to appear on. For example, a mechanic might choose to target phrases such as “Dandenong mechanic”. Anyone who searches for that term will see that mechanic’s ad right at the top of a Google search results page.

You don’t need to use both but it can help. Especially if you are a new business and you need business right now. SEO / organic takes a while to get going. But PPC can be up and running within a few hours and get you business immediately.

We prefer SEO. It’s more cost-effective for all of our Tradies.

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