Terms and Conditions

The following Terms and Conditions outline some important information you need to know and are specific to
agreements with Trade-based clients.

We provide easy to understand reporting. We keep tabs on your competitors.

A full contract with all Terms and Conditions is available on request to any clients interested in working with us.

Important Terms and Conditions


For an iformat guarantee to be honored:

  • The strategy must run for a full 12 months

  • A guarantee does not come into affect unless the 12 month agreement has been completed
  • All payments must be made in full and on time
  • If required, approval by the client for work completed by iformat must be received promptly. Any delay in approval from the client that affects deadlines, timelines or the posting of regular content may affect our ability to get results, in which case the Guarantee may not be honoured by iformat.
  • You must have a number unique number that is specific to the website so we can track calls generated from the site
  • All contact calls and leads must be tracked in a CRM with date received and contact details
  • The CRM must be opened up to us upon request

If using your own website

  • Website must conform to our specifications

  • Website must be hosted on our hosting platform to offer optimal speed
  • Website must be mobile optimised
  • Website must achieve acceptable speed requirements using Google PageSpeed Insights tool. Minimum speed requirement is Desktop – 80% and Mobile – 75%.

Guarantee Agreement

  • Our guarantee varies from client to client and is to be discussed at the beginning of the strategy. Goals are identified and set and then iformat implements a strategy designed to achieve those goals. By the end of your initial 12 months strategy contract, the goal is to have a strategy that is generating an amount of monthly leads, through; calls, contact forms, and any contact as the result of any online activity, that achieves the specified goals.
  • In some cases, the leads generated through the strategies we utilise, will be assigned an average value prior to the strategy starting. The average value multiplied by the the amount of leads we generate for you may be used to estimate the ROI we deliver.
    The guarantee only applies to clients on a Bold or Aggressive strategy
  • To be able to generate a successful strategy and bring you the best results we require the initial stages involving the workshop and SEO Questionnaire to be completed effectively. We will perform our job and measure our results against the information we received in the early stages and changes required later in the strategy can affect the timeline, performance and effectiveness of the strategy.

Guaranteed results, guaranteed value

  • iformat are not responsible for the conversion of inbound leads when a call to your business, or a contact form has been filled in. Our guarantee focuses on generating inbound leads.

  • The provision of access to our team for Google Analytics and Google Webmasters accounts for the relevant site must be done promptly during the research time.
  • Another important foundation for our work is the strategy meeting, this is also where the goals for the project will be uncovered and this is what we will work towards.
  • Your product must be of good quality and appropriately priced to improve on leads and/or sales.

  • You must be responsive to our suggestions.