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5 more content marketing mistakes tradies make

2022-02-01T03:53:46+00:00September 25th, 2020|Marketing|

You know that getting online is more important than ever. You know that search engine optimisation is a key part of tradie digital marketing. And you know that when it comes to tradie SEO, content marketing is key.

What you don’t know is how to do it properly..

A little while back, we covered some of the more common content marketing mistakes that can affect your tradie marketing.

This week, we’re picking up where we left off, continuing this series and pointing out some other content marketing mistakes you could be making with your tradie website.

Enough with the preamble – let’s get down to business!

5 more content marketing mistakes, and how they impact your tradie digital marketing

1) Not including CTA’s

Why do other websites put buttons and constantly nag you to click or register?

Simple: because it works!

According to some, adding a call-to-action (CTA for short) can increase the number of clicks you receive by up to 371% – we told you it works!

Don’t overlook CTAs when making a “sales pitch”. While it’s important to engage with your audience as much as you can, you can’t forget to seal the deal by adding a CTA button or pop-up on your site.

And not just in the sidebar either, but throughout the content!

Think of it as minimising the amount of effort needed to get in touch with you. If there’s the option to call you right there, people are less likely to click off and check out other tradies – after all, they’re already there…

Doing so is a simple change that can increase the number of leads and jobs you receive – just try not to overdo it!

2) Not promoting the content

Creating content is the key to an effective tradie SEO strategy.

Of course, it isn’t just about ranking – content also doubles as a promotional tool, allowing you to show off your:

  • Expertise and knowledge
  • Successful jobs
  • Skill plying your trade

The thing is, it isn’t going to help you if nobody’s seeing it!

Just like how even a simple CTA can get people to call you or get in touch, simply promoting your content can go a long way towards driving people towards it.

And that in turn can expose way more people to your content than would otherwise see it, which in turn means more people thinking “yeah, this tradie knows what they’re talking about, I’ll give them a call.”

It doesn’t have to be a hard push, either – sharing them to your social media or just mentioning them here or there throughout your site (with links, of course) can do the trick.

And don’t forget to add a sharing button to spread it even further.

3) Not applying the sales funnel

All content should be designed with the sales funnel in mind – if it isn’t, then it isn’t going to be very effective in turning readers into callers.

Basically, the sales funnel is all about understanding what point of the purchase process someone is, and using that to optimise your content. Are they:

  • Only looking around?
  • At the point where they’re actively researching options?
  • Narrowing down a shortlist?

Knowing what point of the purchase funnel someone is when they’re visiting a specific section of your site can be an effective way of optimising your content and maximising the amount of conversions you get.

Just remember to take your trade into account. If most of your callouts are for emergency repairs, your funnel is going to be a lot shorter than, say, a building contractor.

This isn’t the first time we’ve talked about the sales funnel – click here to learn what type of content works best at each stage.

4) Not adding images to content

After all, a picture says a thousand words!

When creating compelling content, you need to add a visual element to them – no ifs, ands or buts!

Images attract attention and help break up your content – nobody wants to see a wall of text.

More importantly however, it also helps with other parts of your tradie digital marketing.

Search engines love images and videos. When it comes to tradie SEO (or search engine optimisation in general), adding images or embedding videos can give your web pages a significant boost.

In particular, be sure to avoid stock photos whenever possible. Let’s be honest, they all look a little naff!

Instead, use your own photos, like pictures of successful jobs you’ve done or projects you’ve completed. Not only is it more authentic, but it’s also an excuse to show off your workmanship!

5) Not diversifying your content

Do you keep on writing the same type of content over and over? Of course not – and your readers don’t want to read the same types of content over and over either!

Why not diversify your content and make it even more exciting?

The beautiful thing about “content” is that it’s such a broad term – you can do just about anything you want for your content strategy (within reason).

Thanks to the nature of your business, websites for tradies have almost limitless options when it comes to their content:

  • Explaining how various tools of the trade work
  • Case studies of successful jobs
  • Breakdowns of upcoming changes in your trade
  • “Day in the life” content
  • Information about the tools and supplies you use
  • Collages of work you’ve done

What’s more, there’s also no limit to the format all of this content takes, either – on top of written content, there’s also collages, videos and more.

The sky’s the limit!

More than just websites for tradies – we build tradie marketing strategies that WORK

If you want more calls for the jobs you want and in the areas you want, you’ll want to start by upgrading your tradie digital marketing.

In particular, you’ll want to get in touch with a digital marketing team that specialises in marketing for tradies, and who understands that makes tradies different from other types of businesses.

And that’s where we come in.

Not only are we experienced at working with tradies in all sorts of trades – a quick look around this website will tell you that – but we’re also experts in content.

Our content marketing isn’t done ad-hoc like it is at a lot of other places.

Instead, we build content strategies, taking into account your objectives as a tradie as well as what your competitors are doing and what it is that your customers want to hear.

The end result? Guaranteed leads and calls for you.

Don’t believe us? Just see what some of our tradie clients have had to say about our services!

Contact iformat today on 1300 88 64 50 or fill in the form to get in touch.

You can also visit us for website for tradies in Melbourne: pop into our office at 105D Carpenter Street, Brighton 3186 VIC.

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