Niche marketing can be used when marketing strategists identify a want or a need from a consumer that isn’t being catered to by any competitor.

Niche marketing can also be used as an experiment to see if there is an unfound product or an unprecedented audience that no competitor is yet to find.

Or often niche marketing can come from a business owner’s own niche passion that needs to be met via niche marketing strategies to find the right audience.

If you are the manager of a trade or construction business, and you find a gap in the market and want to satisfy this gap, you’ll be marketing to a specific niche.


What do you mean by niche marketing?

Niche marketing hones in on one product, service, characteristic, demographic of a consumer, or their interests.

This is opposed to general marketing in which corporations market to the general public.
Although, even general marketing has its own specific goals and aimed demographics.

For example, an electrical company aims to advertise its electrical solutions, and their aimed demographic will be homeowners and heads of the household, generally older people and a lot of the time men.

So they will advertise generally, with that audience in mind.

But an example of niche marketing would be if one of the electrical companies’ services was to install doorbells, and they decide to market or advertise this service.

There are also tiers of niche marketing. From installing doorbells, you could hone into installing “smart” doorbells, in which you get notified and can see from your phone that someone is at the door, even when you’re not home.

From here, you could then market to a specific brand of doorbell, or maybe a brand of smart phone or app.

OR you market smart doorbells to a specific demographic of people, for example people who have a physical disability, to make it easier to see who is at the door.

This honing in, whether it’s to the service or to the person, is what is meant by niche marketing.


How can niche marketing be helpful to your business?

Niche marketing is crucial in selling your trade or construction business, because a lot of the time, when people look for a service in their home, they’re already looking for something niche, such as getting a new outdoor water tank or getting more modern circuit breakers for their home.

People don’t just search “I need a carpenter” they search “I want to expand my living room” or “I want to knock down my bathroom wall in Summer.”

The benefit to niche tradie marketing, is that you suddenly become the go to when people search for your exact service or product.

OR, when you market to a niche audience, say grandparents, then you are also the go to when they search up, “build a cot for my grandchild.”

When customers have niche requests, we need to cater to them by creating niche marketing strategies, so that they can find us and we can find them.


How to advertise a niche market

Niche marketing for tradies is more important than a lot of other industries because as someone working in construction or a trade, you probably already have a lot of niche services.

To start niche marketing for those services, you need to start with one, maybe a more popular service or maybe one you want to see more sales in.

Once you start marketing it, if the service becomes more successful, then you can get more specialised in your marketing strategy or even try and see if niche marketing works for your other services.

What are the components of niche marketing?

Say you are a corporate plumber, and you want to do niche marketing for plumbers, then maybe you want to market water tank replacements.

For this, you would outline a marketing strategy to try and get business in this area.
When outlining a marketing strategy, you need to write out a plan and do research on your product and audience.

Start by looking at competitor websites for tradies to see how they market water tank replacements, if you don’t see any other competitors doing this, this could give you an advantage.

You then need to outline your primary audience and research what social media they use, what sort of ads are appealing to them, and what their interests are.

You then need to set out goals, a budget, and a plan.

You should also speak to an SEO strategist to make sure that you’re doing everything right, as they are experts in the field.

To market online, you should:

  • Create a web page on your website specifically for this service
  • Mention the service on your homepage of your website
  • Download a multi-metric tracking system
  • Track SEOs
  • Track KPIs
  • Advertise on websites
  • Advertise offline
  • Advertise on social media
  • Contact an SEO agency for help

Websites for tradies

What is a multi-metric tracking system, SEOs, and KPIs?

Multi-metric tracking systems are online systems that help you monitor SEOs and KPIs.

SEO stands for search engine optimization, tracking SEOs means the business owner or marketing manager analyzes the different ways people have contact with your site.

KPI stands for key performance indicator, people measure KPIs to measure the success of a site or a particular activity on the site.

Here are just some KPIs and SEOs you can track with a multi-metric system:

  • Organic conversion
  • Keyword tracking
  • Organic traffic
  • General traffic
  • New users
  • Multi-session users
  • Referral traffic
  • Non-converter users
  • Domain rating
  • Bounce rate
  • Time on site
  • Organic visibility
  • Domain ranking
  • Target keyword ranking
  • The demographic of users
  • How a user got to the page
  • Backlink availability
  • The city of the user
  • Online reviews and ratings

Once you analyse KPIs and SEOs, you can understand where you are seeing strong activity and where you are wasting your time.

For example, you might find that advertising on Instagram is not showing high click-rates but advertising on Facebook is, this could be because of a demographic difference between the two apps.

This is why you need to research your primary audience before paying for advertising so that you minimize the amount of time you waste.


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