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Marketing for plumbers: why you need to go digital!

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Modern day marketing for tradies is a vastly different game from thirty, twenty or even ten years ago.

While all-time classics like flyers and sponsorships for the local Auskick team are still around, more and more of your callers are coming in through your website.

As such, it’s crucial that websites for tradies and your digital marketing strategy are up to scratch and carried out by a professional.

This applies to all tradies – today, we’ll be focusing on plumbers specifically, and what websites for plumbers need to ensure that your business grows!

The role a website plays in a plumber’s digital marketing strategy

Don’t get us wrong – there’s a lot of work that goes into building digital marketing strategies for plumbers:

If you ask our tradie marketing experts however, it all starts with your website.

So, what does a good website need?

A website for plumbers needs individual pages for these topics…

Niche services 

In fact, from an SEO (search engine optimisation) point of view, this is essential!

If you want to increase visibility for your website, then you’ll want to make sure that have different pages for every service you offer.

These services could be a wide range of things depending on what your business offers. For plumbers, that might include:

  • Bathroom renovations
  • Hot water installation
  • Routine plumbing jobs
  • Installing fountains

In addition to the SEO angle, this also helps potential customers figure out exactly what services you offer.

Areas you work in

This will also help you to create higher visibility on the web. Google knows how to “read” your website – the service area listed on your site is one of the tools it uses to determine which web searchers to present your site for.

Not to mention, when people are looking for a plumber –  they don’t just type ‘plumber’ into their search engine. 

In our experience, many search for ‘plumber’ + ‘town/suburb’.

You can create a separate page for every area you service and dramatically increase your search engine ranking for the areas that you service.

This is especially important if the goal is to receive calls from a specific area. 


We’ve talked about the power of reviews and testimonials before. However, there’s a very good reason for this – simply put, reviews and testimonials are one of the most powerful tools you have to “sell” yourself to potential customers.

This is crucial – we can’t think of any stronger words!

Simply put, testimonials create a sense of reliability and trustworthiness. They prove your skills as a plumber, and show potential customers what they can expect when they call you.

If you don’t have a section of your website dedicated to testimonials, reviews and successful plumbing jobs, you need one!

About us

This page is where you create an emotional connection with potential customers.

It’s a small thing, but in our experience, that extra personal touch is a powerful thing!

You’ll want to talk about your personal journey in bringing your company or business to where it is today. This will allow people to relate to you and inspire trust in both your business and your company. 

A lot of people make the mistake of keeping this content very dry.

Our suggestion? Don’t! Instead, make it as personable as possible (while simultaneously keeping it professional).

And while you’re at it, don’t be afraid to talk up your training and plumbing experience either!

website for plumbers

Time for a case study: Watermaster Plumbing

Three years – that’s how long Watermaster Plumbing has worked with us.

That’s three years of:

  • Continuous growth
  • New jobs
  • Leads and phone calls

During their time with us, we’ve optimised their site for search engine optimisation, ensuring it gets picked up by Google. Just take a gander through his site – you’ll notice it has all of the things listed above.

Combined with an ongoing SEO strategy that creates a steady stream of ongoing monthly content additions (be it a regular blog or further updates to the website) and we’ve pushed Sam and the team to the first page of Google for 60 different searches.

We’ve brought in so many new jobs – so many in fact, that they’ve actually had to expand and bring in several new plumbers to meet demand!

In fact, we’ve helped Watermaster Plumbing so much that we they had to expand the roofing division of their business into a completely separate business – and of course, when the time came to build and maintain a website for it, they came back to us!

Click here to hear what Sam Minio has to say about us.

Hire iformat’s experts in marketing for tradies

In today’s modern, technology reliant world, a website for plumbers is more important to your business that ever before.

Luckily, that’s something we’re very good at doing.

When it comes to websites for tradies, iformat is the team to call.

Don’t think we can do it? Take a look at our portfolio! Or our testimonials from your fellow tradies.

If you want us to help your create a website for plumbers that will create leads for you while you sleep, contact us on 1300 88 64 50

Just remember – we promise to only provide our services to one plumber from every area to avoid a conflict of interest. Call us today to help you build the perfect website before your competitors do!

You can also visit us for website for tradies in Melbourne: pop into our office at 105D Carpenter Street, Brighton 3186 VIC.

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