Since you’re on our website, we assume you already know the importance of tradie SEO (search engine optimisation) and how it can help you get more jobs than ever before.

What you might not know is that SEO isn’t a once-and-done thing. It isn’t like a leaky tap, where you patch it up once and (fingers crossed) don’t need to worry about it for years to come.

Rather, think of it like a car – and a really demanding, maintenance heavy one at that!

Keeping your website ranking high on Google is an ongoing process that requires constant attention. And here’s why…

1) Google constantly readjusts and updates its search algorithm

Google’s mission is simple: to get you the best result for your search query. And Google is constantly updating its search algorithm to get you that result.

It’s estimated that Google updates its search function hundreds of times a year. Most of these are minor and don’t receive much (if any) press. However, a good chunk of them dramatically shake up search results (and where your tradie website places on them!)

The key takeaway? There’s no guarantee that what’s getting your tradie website found today will still be working tomorrow.

Here’s an example: earlier this year, Google made the shift to mobile-first indexing. In short, the search algorithm will start ranking your site based primarily on its mobile-friendliness.

As a result, a lot of businesses that didn’t already have a mobile-friendly versions of their site experienced dramatic drops in their ranking. Even businesses with high-performing sites and a lot of built-up authority say dips!

If you want to stay on top, your digital marketing strategy needs constant tweaking to stay ahead of Google’s changes.

And on a related note…

2) Google is constantly re-evaluating its search results

It isn’t just the search algorithm that sees constant updates – Google also spends a lot of time going over the results it presents.

While nobody’s quite sure how often it does this, what we do know is that Google is constantly crawling and indexing websites. In particular, it picks out changes and additions, and readjusts its search results accordingly.

Just because Google’s placed your tradie website in the top spot today doesn’t mean it’ll still be there tomorrow!

The secret to consolidating your position? Content.

If you ask us, content is king. It’s the lifeblood of any SEO strategy, and is what keeps your site ranking high.

Basically, Google loves sites that are putting out a steady stream of high-quality, relevant content. When push comes to shove, it’ll prioritise websites that fit this criteria.

If you want that to be your tradie website, you need to be working the content mill. You can’t just put up a site, leave it there and expect it just to bring in new jobs.

You won’t always have the time for that – between time on the road and all the jobs you have lined up, there mightn’t be enough room in your daily planner to create content that passes muster in Google’s eyes.

Luckily, that’s what we’re here to do!

3) You aren’t the only tradie on the internet!

When it comes to tradie website, you aren’t alone – a lot of your competitors will have a web presence of their own. Many of these competitors might even be using a tradie marketing agency to plan and execute their tradie marketing strategy.

So when Google goes over its rankings again and notices that your competitors are improving their sites and putting out content (and you’re not), it’ll naturally place them over you.

Long story short, if you don’t perform your own SEO tweaks, you risk falling behind!

It’s a constant struggle between you and your competitors to get ahead. If you aren’t putting the leg work to to get ahead of your competitors, you can’t expect your site to perform as expected.

4) You might decide to change direction

Let’s say you’re a plumber. You’ve just undergone the training and received your certificate of gasfitting, meaning you’re now qualified to work on gas lines and installations. And since there are no gas fitters in your local area, you’ve got access to a huge untapped market.

The only problem? Your tradie website is still geared towards fixing leaky pipes and unclogging drains!

There are plenty of reasons to change direction at your tradie business. This is just one of them – you might also notice that certain jobs are just more profitable (or just plain easier).

These changes in direction need to be accompanied by an updated SEO strategy. That can mean:

  • Creating new pages to “sell” your new services
  • Reworking existing content to promote your new direction
  • Building credibility for your new services
  • Tailoring content for residents in any new service areas

And once your site is updated, any ongoing content you (or your tradie marketing agency) create as part of your SEO strategy need to be built around that new direction going forward.

Don’t have the time? Call a tradie marketing agency in Melbourne

Make no mistake, getting your tradie website to the point where it’s ranking high and getting you found is a long, ongoing process. With all the jobs you have lined up, it’s just about impossible to make time to tweak your SEO strategy.

Luckily, we can help.

Based right here in Melbourne, iformat is a tradie marketing agency with a difference: unlike others, we get you results.

Our clients include countless tradies big and small. This has given us the know-how to provide SEO and content strategies tailored to the needs of tradies like you.

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