Competition between tradies can be tight – it’s only natural for you to seek out any edge over your rivals.

And when it comes from differentiating yourself from your tradie competitors, content is hardly a “little” edge. In fact, it can be one of the most powerful tools in your toolbox when it comes to tradie marketing!

Content is so important, that we at iformat (and many other digital agencies) have a mantra: “content is king.”

Why do we say this? And why do we put such a huge emphasis on well-written, unique, quality content?

Why content matters – how content can make (or break) your tradie marketing

If you have an existing website, then you’re already ahead of many of your fellow tradies.

Of course, with more and more tradies catching on to the importance of the digital marketing, simply having a website isn’t the huge advantage it once was!

With an increasingly competitive online marketplace, you’ll need something else to make you stand out. And that’s where content comes into the picture. For your content to qualify as “quality”, it needs to be:

  • Relevant to the search term
  • Well-written and free of errors
  • Come from a credible website (more on that later)
  • Original and unique
  • More than just text – include pictures, video and diagram
  • Easy-to-digest

Quality, regularly-updated web content is the cornerstone of any tradie marketing strategy. And not just because it’ll make your business look more appealing to potential clients!

Reason #1: It’s all about that SEO!

As most tradies know, the vast majority of clients don’t have a regular tradie – rather, most tradies are “reactive” businesses, with customers only ringing when something goes wrong.

And when it does, they go to Google.

That’s why Search Engine Optimization (SEO) is so important.

Essentially, it’s all about gaming Google’s algorithm, tailoring your page so that Google thinks “yep, this page is exactly what searchers are looking for when they type XYZ”, leading to your pages turning up higher on search results.

Where does content come int?

Many of these searches are what we in the business call “high-competition keywords”.

In plain English, this means there are loads of websites that rank for that search.

For example, general searches like “Melbourne electrician” or “Perth mechanic” brings up a LOT more results than something like “Dandenong South plumber”.

Putting up one page isn’t enough to show up on these high-competition searches. A steady stream of high-quality content is essential to getting your pages to rank higher for these keywords!

And in the highly-competitive tradie world, ranking above your competitors on search engines is almost guaranteed to result in more calls. Just look at this graph to see how the number of clicks drops the further down on Google’s search results a page is located!

With a 15% drop between first and second results alone, the verdict is clear: if you want your tradie business to get more calls than your competitors’, you need to rank higher on Google.

At iformat, we offer aggressive packages for tradies chasing more competitive keywords. While these are tailored for individual tradies, generally speaking, these involve:

  • More frequent content updates
  • Bigger websites, with more pages and content
  • More additional monthly content
  • Ongoing monthly site improvements
  • … among other things!

Learn more about content marketing here.

Reason #2: You’re not the only one

So you’ve committed to a digital strategy that emphasises content.

There’s just one problem: you’re not alone!

Organic marketing and SEO is an ongoing process. Search engines like Google regularly update their search index, meaning a slowdown in content updates can push your site down.

And of course, your competitors’ organic marketing might put them ahead of you!

Yes, not only do you have to worry about a drop in search rankings, but you also have to contend with competitors’ organic strategies. And unless your site is a huge, credible site like Wikipedia (more on that later), once the initiative is lost, it’s very hard to get it back.

Once content starts, it’s unwise to stop. If you want to consolidate your search results, regular content is a must.

Reason #3: Google LOVES content

The ultimate goal of an organic strategy (and by extension, content writing) is to establish your credibility.

And we don’t just mean having awesomely-written website copy that instantly makes your customers rush for the phone (although that’s certainly important too!)

Google is much more likely to display your pages if it thinks that your website is a credible source of information.

That’s why certain sites such as Wikipedia and big companies are more likely to pop up in searches. Those sites are seen as credible. They have what’s known as domain authority.

When it comes to establishing credibility for your site, content is one of the most important variables.

It makes sense when you think about it. Well-written, highly informative content is pretty much the textbook definition of credibility. Content that informs, is easy-to-follow and widely shared between readers is how search engines separate credible sources from other sites.

Say you’re a plumber. If you have regularly share your insights on topics like common home plumbing problems and information about different plumbing fixtures, then in Google’s eyes, your site is more credible.

Not only will it show your pages more prominently in your targeted keywords, but it might even start pushing your pages up for other, unrelated searches!

Reason #4: your customers love quality content too!

We hinted at this earlier, but content is also crucial for establishing credibility in the eyes of your customers too!

What do customers want from a tradie? We’re willing to bet the following are on most people’s lists of criteria:

  • Experience and know-how
  • Up-to-date equipment and techniques
  • Formal training and certifications

While you mightn’t be able to show customers until they call you, you can demonstrate it through your content.

Content is more than just persuasive written content. Other types include:

  • Images
  • Video
  • Podcasts
  • Interviews
  • Reviews

The point of your website is to get you more calls, more leads and more jobs. Convincing potential customers that you’re trustworthy is key to that.

Fortunately, each of these types of content can be used to convince potential callers of your tradie credentials.

Come to iformat for killer content!

When was the last time you’ve updated your web content?

If it’s been a while, you might need to revisit and update your website ASAP!

And that’s where iformat comes into the picture.

Content is our bread and butter. We specialise in creating killer content – and that’s not us bragging either (well, not completely). Check out how our tradie marketing strategies have helped other tradies grow their business!

From product pages that make customers rush to their phones, to graphic design to monthly content that boost your credibility (and your page rank), our digital marketing boffins are experts at getting you the results you want.

We don’t just create content – we build strategies around what results you expect from your site. We help you understand what’s working and what isn’t with your current digital marketing strategy and how to fix it.

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