You’ve probably seen this video at some stage.

It’s pretty impressive, isn’t it? But did you know that this video is only one in a series of Youtube videos put out by Integrity Windows?

With over seven million views, this video is a great example of how tradies can use viral and trending content to put their names out there.

But before you post any photos or videos chasing the latest online sensation, ask yourself: why is is the latest trend trending? How do online trends get rolling?

And more importantly, is there anything you can do as a tradie to get your website and content trending?

Why should I care about being a trending tradie?

So why is being a trending tradie so important? After all, you’ve got a functioning website and your work speaks for itself. Does trending online really matter for a tradie?

It’s an effective way of spreading awareness of your brand

Whether you’re posting a meme on your business’ Facebook, chasing a viral sensation or responding to a news story that’s been making rounds, trending content puts you and your tradie business on the map.

Sneak your trading name and contact details in somewhere and you’re almost guaranteed to see a spike in people taking down your details for later!

It’s a matter of credibility

People are suspicious of obvious ads or promotion – just how are you going to reach these people?

This is where trending content comes in. Unlike traditional mediums, trending content – blogs, videos or memes – can come across as much more natural. Done right, it can also humanise your business, which can be all it takes for some customers to choose you over other tradies.

Digital Word-Of-Mouth

Word-of-mouth is the most powerful form of endorsement out there. Fortunately, trending online gives you the perfect tools for just that!

Online review are the most obvious example. But someone sharing one of your blog posts or liking your Facebook page can have a similar effect.

Why Good Online Content Matters

There are countless ways to thrive online as a tradie.

And almost all of them come down to one thing: content.

If your goal is to become a trending tradie, content is key to getting yourself trending. Whether you’re putting content onto your social media, maintaining a blog or hopping on a trending topic, good online content is key to becoming a trending tradie.

Why’s this?

People like sharing quality content:

Think about it. You’re scrolling through Facebook… are you more likely to share posts/videos/memes that are absolute low-effort content? Of course not! So why should customers treat your business’ social media posts, website and blog any differently?

People like sharing relevant content

We all relate to this one. Would you share something that isn’t relevant to you or your friends? Probably not. Understanding your target audience and their interests and producing content that is relevant to them is the key to trending content.

It can help with your search rankings:

The search engines are always trawling the web for new websites and content, automatically changing and modifying their search results based on this. A consistent stream of fresh, high-quality content is essential to increasing your tradie business’ search visibility.

Good content builds your brand:

Sure, as a tradie your brand mightn’t be as big as Disney or Coca-Cola – however, you still have one, and you need to communicate it!

If your selling point is your 20 years of experience, don’t just say it: show it in the topics you post about and the language you use! For instance, if there’s a news story going around relevant to your industry, your response and insider’s track can establish credibility with a lot of your readers.

Keeping on top of trends

So you’ve decided you want to be a trending tradie. There’s just one small problem: how exactly do you know what’s trending?

Enter, the hashtag.

Catchy hashtags would make a big difference in following online trends. They identify all posts and uploads related to a specific subject or topic, as well as what topics are being talked about at the moment.

It’s that last trait that makes them such a powerful tool in your quest to become a trending tradie. Is there a hashtag relevant to your industry that’s making the rounds at the moment? Use this as your chance to offer your unique, professional insight into the topic.

It doesn’t even have to be relevant to your industry. If there’s a trending hashtag that you just want to have fun with, put something online to get your brand and services out there – just make sure your customers want so see it!

Web strategy from a digital agency

Getting yourself noticed online is hard. With so much stuff on the web, how are you supposed to make yourself stand out? And if you are fortunate enough to get a bit of traction, just how do you sustain your momentum?

Fortunately, there’s good news: we can help!

As a digital marketing agency, our goal is to develop strategies and plans which keep your website and your content at the top of people’s news feeds, gets people writing down your number and increases your business.

Iformat helps tradies get noticed online by developing tailored SEO and digital strategies for your business that push your site up on the search results. Here’s how our process works:

1. Strategy

We start by creating a strategy. Firstly, we work with you to understand your business and ensure you get the leads and sales you want. This is the most critical stage – fortunately, all it requires from you is a couple of hours of your time going over your business goals with us.

2. Website

We follow up by building a responsive website – or upgrading your existing one. And that’s where our team of talented web designers come in! We build a site that is optimised for certain key search terms, loads quickly and looks good, even on mobile devices.

3. Marketing/SEO strategies

Once your new site is up and running, we develop monthly Marketing and SEO strategies to maintain and improve your visibility on search engine results pages. After all, who goes past the first handful of results on Google when looking for results? Apparently, not many.

Unlike other companies, we offer more than just a website – we offer an ongoing commitment towards increasing your pagerank and driving people towards your site.

Are you curious about how we can help you spread the word? You can read about some of our previous success stories developing digital strategies for tradespeople!