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How tradie digital marketing helps roofers and roof plumbers

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Digital marketing is and will always be a crucial part of any business, including many that we might not normally think would benefit from it.

A prime example of this is roofing companies.

They might not be the first thing that comes to mind when you think of companies that could benefit from digital marketing, but in our experience, they’re one of the best candidates!

Roofing teams – who are busy with metal roofing installations, roof repairs and roof replacements – will not only have to rely on recommendations to get more clients when they take their digital marketing to the next level.

If you run a roofing company or are a roof plumber, we suggest reading on to find out how tradie digital marketing can benefit you.

Why roofing companies are such good candidates for tradie digital marketing

Roofs are one of the most important parts of any home. When it comes to the roof, homeowners will need roofing contractors who can guarantee high-quality workmanship and quality materials in their roofing. 

Roofs are what’s called a “high-involvement” purchase. People who are in the market for a roofing upgrade will:

  • Put a lot of thought into their decisions
  • Conduct a lot of research into roofing companies
  • Think things through very carefully
  • Make their way through a rather long purchase cycle

While the most important of these decisions are made during the quoting stage, research is what determines which roofing companies are in the running to begin with.

And for most people today, that research starts online.

Search engine optimisation

When they start doing their research, most people nowadays start with search engines.

Naturally, if your roofing company is going to be considered, it needs to be one of the first results they see.

That is what Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) is all about.

SEO is all about tweaking and modifying your site and creating content that gets you found on Google when people search for services related to your business.

It’s about pushing your site up the results page as much as possible, making you one of the first results someone sees when they start their online search.

Say someone wants to upgrade their gutters. The first thing they do is start researching:

  • What type of gutters are there
  • Whether they need an upgrade at all
  • Who they should choose to do the job

During their research, they land on a couple of websites. The information is relevant and more importantly, it gives them a good impression. They decide to add them to the list of companies to call for a quote.

While the job may not be “in the bag” just yet, SEO has made you one of the contenders. Without SEO, you wouldn’t have popped up – as a result, your roofing company wouldn’t even be in consideration!

This is just one example of how tradie digital marketing can help you get jobs you would otherwise miss out on.

Display and pay-per-click advertising

Imagine the reach of traditional advertising, but with the targeting that’s unique to digital advertising.

Pay-per-click (PPC) advertising offers just that.

Platforms such as Google Ads and Google Display Network leverage a range of technologies to help roofing contractors like you target ads towards potential leads based on:

  • Geographic location
  • Search terms
  • Previous internet history
  • User data

Using these options, we can create PPC campaigns that target the people who are most likely to be thinking about a roofing upgrade. It’s about presenting your ads to the right people, at the right time to secure the job.

Compare that to a billboard or a sponsorship of the local Auskick club – most of the people who see it aren’t going to be in the market. While these still have a role to play in raising awareness of your brand, in terms of effectiveness they just don’t compare.

And since you pay on a performance basis, it’s one of the most cost-effective ways of reaching your audience.

Time for case study: Watermaster Roofing 

We could talk all day about hypotheticals. However, the best way to convince you of how tradie digital marketing can benefit roofing companies like yours is with a real-world example.

Luckily, we have one ready to go in Watermaster Roofing.

Watermaster Plumbing has been a long-time client of ours; we optimised their plumbing website back in 2016.

Our tradie digital marketing strategies have pushed the Watermaster team to the top of Google for multiple highly competitive, plumbing-related searches, dramatically increasing the number of jobs they get (AND the quality of leads).

In fact, they’ve had to expand the team several times over since they started working with us!

So when they decided to expand their roof plumbing services into its own business with Watermaster Roofing, they again chose us for their tradie digital marketing.

How our tradie digital marketing specialists have helped Watermaster Roofing

Using the same techniques we applied to their plumbing business, we’ve helped get their roofing business off the ground.

With a brand-new tradie website, optimised content and a thorough Hi-VIS SEO strategy, we’ve been able to get them tangible results.

November 2017 compared to July 2020:

  • Conversions up by a whopping 217%!
  • Number of page 1 keywords up from 0 to 24
  • Total keywords ranking: up from 3 to 683!

Within a handful of short weeks of the site going live, we were bringing in enough jobs including big-ticket jobs like roof installation.

Digital marketing for tradies – not just a fad

Contact iformat to get started today!

Digital marketing for tradies – including roofing companies – is different from digital marketing for other types of companies and businesses.

It requires special consideration for the types of jobs you carry out.

And that in turn requires a digital marketing agency that:

  • Specialises in helping tradies
  • Understands what makes your marketing needs different
  • Has worked with lots of tradies all around Australia

In short, it requires an agency like iformat!

Watermaster Roofing is just one of the tradies we’ve helped get more calls, more jobs and more growth over the years.

Want to join them? It’s as simple as getting in touch!

Learn more about our tradie marketing packages and services – if you have other questions, don’t hesitate to contact iformat on 1300 88 6450 or fill in the form to get in touch with us today.

You can also visit us for website for tradies in Melbourne: pop into our office at 105D Carpenter Street, Brighton 3186 VIC.

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