You’ve got everything you need to market your tradie business.

Business cards? Check.

Newspaper ads? Done.

Flyers for the community noticeboard? All sorted.

Tradie website updated? Um…

Don’t worry, you’re not alone – while websites are important, many tradies don’t give them the attention they require. In fact, many skip the website completely and instead rely on search engine ads and social media.

With more and more of our day-to-day lives moving online, your online presence is crucial if you want to survive in the modern marketplace.

And that means having a tradie website.


Tradie websites help customers find you

The ultimate goal of any tradie marketing tactic or strategy is to get people to call you, simple as that.

And of course, in order to call you, customers and clients need to be able to find you first!

This is where websites come into the picture.

Websites create more potential points of contact between you and your customers. Say somebody experiences a blackout and Googles “electrician in Altona” – without a website of your own, you’re unlikely to pop up on the results page.

Without a site, you’re potentially passing up on all of these leads!

Of course, having a website isn’t always enough – many of your competitors will have their own sites, and we haven’t even gotten started on all the false positives out there.

SEO (search engine optimisation) focuses on turning your website into one that Google trusts. This pushes you to the top of Google, enjoying greater visibility and all the potential clicks that come with it!

In addition to building websites , iformat also develops tradie SEO strategies – click here for more info.

How a website can help tradies highlight their services

When people call you, it’s because they want a specific problem fixed. However, it can be hard to communicate all of these things in the limited space offered by a newspaper ad or flyer.

Websites for tradies, on the other hand? Now that’s an entirely different story!

With a website, you have a lot more space to work with. This lets you list all of your services, from the routine jobs to the less common ones.

For example, say you’re a sparkie. You might decide to have separate sections of your site dedicated to::

  • Ordinary residential electrical work (replacing sockets, electrical inspections)
  • Commercial jobs (installing new circuits, data cabling)
  • Home renovations (home cinemas, electrical upgrades)
  • Emergency work (electrical fires, storm damage)
  • Niche and custom work

By having a different section for each of these services on your tradie website, you can help potential callers learn more about what services you offer.

Not only that, but you can also establish your own credibility and tell customers why they should call you specifically!

tradie website

How websites build credibility

How likely are you to trust a tradie who you can’t find anything online for?

Chances are, not very much!

We’ve quickly reached the point where tradie websites are standard – if you don’t have one, it can make people think twice about ringing you.

In addition to establishing credibility by simply existing, websites also help establish credibility by:

  • Allowing you to show off previous projects
  • Highlighting your competencies (see above)
  • Hosting reviews and testimonials

It isn’t just the content on your website that help paint a good picture of you – even little things can make you look more credible.

For example, does your website feature professional photos of you and your team? Do the contact forms work? Is the colour scheme attractive?

While each of these are small, they can have an impact on how you’re perceived by potential callers.

Not only that, but they also demonstrate why you simply can’t afford to get slack with your site!


iformat builds effective websites

… but that isn’t all we do. No, we do much, much more.

That’s because building a successful online presence is about more than just having a website – you’ll also want to make sure that your website is:

  • Well-designed
  • Responsive
  • Optimised for SEO
  • Targeted towards your intended customer

Make no mistake, there’s a lot that goes into an effective online presence. And at iformat, we do it all.

Our digital marketing packages are tailored for the unique needs of tradies such as yourself. We use our knowledge of web design and SEO, as well as extras like search engine and social media advertising to build you a comprehensive digital strategy.

Contact iformat today at 1300 88 6450, or fill in this form to learn how we can take your online presence to the next level!