What stops tradies from hiring a digital marketing agency to look after their marketing? Is it because:

    • They already know what to do?
    • They don’t know they need one to begin with?


  • It’s too expensive?

The reasons vary. However, we can confidently say that without the experience and expertise of a digital marketing agency, we know for sure that you are missing A LOT!

It might sound like we’re beating a dead horse, but digital marketing strategies for tradies have the potential to take your business to the next level.

The thing is, it’s hard to reach that level unless you have the right people backing you up!

Here are 4 common problems that tradies struggle with when it comes to their marketing. If you answer “yes” to any of these, you may be in need of a helping hand yourself!

Problem 1: you’re not getting any calls or leads

We’re going to be straight-up here: digital marketing is hard.

We’re not saying this to scare you into calling us. It’s simply the truth – maintaining consistent results in the digital marketing sphere is a constant struggle thanks to:

If you want your tradie digital marketing to get you calls, it needs to be done properly.

And just like you wouldn’t call a plumber to fix an electrical fault, it’s best to leave digital marketing to a professional.

There may be a few reasons why you don’t seem to get any calls or leads:

  • Your website isn’t up to scratch (or worse, non-existent!)
  • Your current marketing strategy needs reworking
  • You’re using the wrong techniques and practices

Figuring all this stuff out on your own is tough – that’s why so many DIY digital marketing efforts fail to yield results.

If your website isn’t attracting visitors, nobody’s clicking or your business isn’t turning up anywhere online, it may be time to get in touch with a digital marketing agency.

Problem 2: You don’t measure results

While we’re on the topic of results, do you track yours?

Click-through rate, bounce rate, session times… the list of metrics goes on and on. Each are important, as they tell you whether or not your digital marketing strategy is succeeding.

And that’s on top of all the other things you’ll need to look at such as tool inventory, invoicing and more!

Haven’t the foggiest idea how to tell if your current digital strategy is working? Do all the web analytics, metrics and reports look like Greek to you?

Enter, your digital marketing agency.

We understand you mightn’t have time to look at these numbers – you’re a tradie, you’ve got other things to worry about such as going out and completing jobs.

We’ll take care of the numbers for you, so you can get back to doing what you do best.

On top of helping you craft a strategy that reaches your desired customers, we also interpret all the numbers for you, breaking them into easily-understood reports.

4 Signs you need help from a digital marketing agency

Problem 3: Your website is not converting

If you’re here, you already understand the importance of a good tradie website – you’re already ahead of many of your competitors!

However, a website that converts is a completely different story.

A website that gets people calling needs to have several things going for it. For starters, there are certain web design principles that, if followed, can dramatically boost clicks.

Not to mention, the best websites are backed up by well-written, persuasive copy – the type that builds trust in your skills as a tradie and make people feel confident about calling you.

Just like your trade, there are a lot of considerations that go into building an effective website. You can’t get away with using a premade template site anymore – you need the help of a professional.

Problem 4: you’re too busy to manage your digital marketing strategy

Tradies lead busy lives. You rise early, are constantly on the road and even when you’re not on-site or on the road, you’re still on-call for emergency jobs.

Needless to say, it can be hard to find the time to put in all the extra work that comes with managing your digital marketing.

And that’s okay. You’re a tradie after all – your focus should be on plying your trade and doing what you do best.

The problem is that you still need someone to look after your marketing efforts, otherwise you won’t even receive those jobs in the first place!

In these cases, you need a digital marketing agency on your side.

Let iformat help you build your digital marketing strategy!

So you’ve gone through the entire list and come to the conclusion that you need help with your digital marketing strategy.

That’s where we come in.

iformat specialises in digital marketing for tradies. Our strength isn’t just getting you to show up in Google, or building you a site that looks and feels modern (though we certainly do those).

No, it’s in guaranteeing tradies like you generate leads, field more calls and get more jobs!

We do this through effective marketing strategies, custom-made to achieve your unique goals, tailored for your trade and get you the types of jobs you want.

Call us today at 1300 88 6450 and grow your business even more!