You’ve been in the business for some time now, but for some reason,  you aren’t seeing the results that you want.

Recently however, you’ve heard of a potential solution to that problem: tradie marketing.

Whether it’s from your fellow tradies, reading a tradie magazine or even stumbling upon this very blog, you’ve made your mind up: digital is the way to get more phone calls and jobs.

Immediately, you get to work setting up a Facebook page, placing Google ads and buying up slots for banner ads.

But here’s the thing: just like the trades, digital marketing isn’t something you can DIY!


Mistake #1:  you don’t have a target market

Just like any type of marketing, tradie digital marketing starts with figuring out your goals and target market.

Unlike other facets of marketing however, the digital sphere gives you a huge amount of control over that target market!

Let’s say you decide to advertise on Facebook. Facebook’s advertising platform lets you select your target market based on a huge range of factors, including:

  • Demographics (age, gender, etc)
  • Location
  • Occupation
  • Interests
  • Devices used
  • Frequency of activities
  • Recent behaviours

It’s a tad scary – however, it also makes it easy to select exactly who your audience is.

All of this just reinforces the importance of knowing exactly who your audience is right off the bat!

A man holding a smartphone giving a 5-star rating.

Mistake #2: not asking for reviews

It might sound simple, but don’t be fooled – online reviews have a huge impact on your tradie digital marketing!

We’ve written about the importance of reviews before, but in brief, online reviews:

Naturally, you’ll want as many good online reviews as possible.

Here’s the thing though: people are lazy. We take the path of least resistance, and often need prompting or nudging.

If you want good online reviews, you need to ask for them, whether by:

  • Attaching a link at the bottom of your invoices
  • Sending out a follow-up email
  • Offering a small discount
  • Just straight-up asking them!


Mistake #3: not updating your website

While it may be your skills with your tools that brings in the money, it’s your website that’s responsible for bringing in many of those calls in the first place.

As such, you’ll want your tradie website to look fantastic!

The thing is, many tradies go into their digital marketing under the assumption that they can keep their website as is. This is a problem – and we aren’t just talking about really basic, single-page tradie websites either!

Even professionally-designed tradie websites might need some tweaking. While the layout might be fine, there could be things under the hood that need fixing:

Each can impact your digital marketing. Thus, it’s a good idea to update your website, even if your website content and layout are fine!


Mistake #4: not paying attention to the data

In many trades, fixes and jobs aren’t a once and done thing – they require regular, ongoing inspections to ensure they’re still working.

Tradie digital marketing is no different… only instead of inspecting nuts, bolts and seams, it involves looking at the numbers and data!

Unfortunately, many tradies tend to overlook these reports. Once everything’s put in place, they think to themselves “great, now everything’s set, I don’t need to look at these reports.”

You can see where we’re going with this!

These reports are crucial. The data within helps evaluate the performance of your tradie marketing, and can set the direction of your business. By ignoring these, you’re missing out on a treasure trove of actionable information.

Of course, just looking at the data isn’t enough to change course – you’ll also have to know what can be done to improve your marketing performance.

These types of details require special tools and know-how. That’s why it’s best to leave this part in the hands of a professional tradie marketing agency!


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