You wouldn’t think that digital marketing like us and tradies like you have that much in common.

For the most part, that’d be true. However, there is one area where there’s significant overlap: the level of competition.

Just as there are many tradies sprinkled throughout the city, there are also countless digital marketing agencies in Melbourne who have sprung up to meet the growing demand for digital marketing services.

And just like tradies, finding a digital marketing agency that can get you the results you want can be tough!

How can you be certain that your digital marketing agency is up to the job? Luckily, here are a couple of things you can keep an eye out for…

Red flag 1: they’re all talk

As a tradie, you know how powerful a catalogue of successful jobs can be when it comes to earning new clients.

While it can be a tad hard to demonstrate these as a tradie, luckily for you, finding out whether or not your digital marketing agency is successful is a lot easier!

That’s because digital marketing is all stats-based. Simply ask to see the numbers for proof of your agency’s competence – you can even test it for yourself by looking up their clients’ websites and checking how they rank and how their sites look.

Needless to say, if your digital marketing agency isn’t willing to show you the numbers (or if the stats they show are underwhelming), you might want to rethink partnering up with them!

Red flag 2: they promise you the #1 spot on Google

When it comes to digital marketing (and SEO in particular), having your site be the number one result for as many Google searches as possible is the ultimate goal.

The thing is, this takes time to achieve. It takes time to build up your site and its credibility – not to mention, many of your competitors may have their own tradie marketing strategies, further complicating matters.

And since the digital sphere is so fast and hectic anyway, there’s no guarantee that you’ll hit the number one spot for every search (though we’ll certainly try!)

So any agency that claims or guarantees an immediate number one spot should be treated with a grain of salt!

In our experience, these claims are usually referring to two things:

  1. Highly specific, niche searches (that are useless when it comes to generating traffic and leads)
  2. They’re actually referring to Google AdWords, and relying on you to not know the difference

Another thing to keep an eye out for are any self-proclaimed “special relationships” with Google.

Simply put, that’s not how Google works. It doesn’t do “special relationships” with any agency, meaning any claims that it does are outright lies!

Red flag 3: they don’t keep you in the loop

If you’ve asked for weekly updates from your tradie digital marketing agency regarding your tradie marketing, and how it’s progressing. You wait… and wait… and wait…

Sometimes, things slip through the cracks. As a tradie, you can relate – think about all the times a previous job has gone overtime, or you’ve run into unexpected traffic, or you’ve made a booking error.

If it’s chronic however, that’s a problem.

Why does this matter? It’s simple: tradie digital marketing is fast, hectic and often changes at the drop of a hat.

Needless to say, if your digital marketing agency is slow in responding to your questions or simply doesn’t keep you updated at all, this is a worry.

Red flag 4: they came to you, not the other way around

Nobody likes cold calls. Unfortunately, the digital marketing sphere is rife with them!

“Hello (name), I visited your website and I have noticed several domain errors that I can help fix to make you rank higher on Google…”

Sound familiar?

In our opinion, the vast majority of agencies that rely on cold calling to get business aren’t very reputable at all – if they have to resort to cold calling, there’s a good chance their site isn’t bringing in enough customers organically.

And if their own site isn’t performing, who’s to say yours will either?

Now, let’s be clear: while cold calling is usually a sign of a less effective tradie marketing agency, it doesn’t mean you should write them off immediately. However, you will have to tread with caution and do your research!

Red flag 5: they only offer short-term solutions

Tradie digital marketing is a long game – even our best-performing clients took at least a couple months for their strategies to start taking effect.

A good tradie marketing agency should be in it for the long-haul. And if you don’t get that vibe from your tradie marketing agency, it might be a good idea to start looking at other options.

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Choose a digital marketing agency in Melbourne that guarantees results

At iformat, we guarantee results from your tradie marketing strategy. If we aren’t bringing in enough new calls and jobs to cover our monthly fee, we won’t charge until we are!*

Unlike other digital marketing agencies in Melbourne, we don’t try to get you found in ultra-competitive spaces. Instead, we create tailored tradie marketing strategies that get you found for:

  • The jobs you want to perform…
  • In the areas you want to serve…
  • From the customers you want!

While it mightn’t be as grandiose as what other digital marketing agencies in Melbourne promise, it’s much, much more effective at getting tradies like you more leads, phone calls and jobs!

Contact iformat today on 1300 88 64 50 or fill in the form and we’ll get back to you ASAP.