So, you’ve made the decision to invest in tradie digital marketing.

You’ve made the right call. In our experience, websites and digital marketing for tradies are the key to success in today’s highly-competitive marketplace. Not to mention, it’s a major driver of growth – just as our tradies!

As you scroll through admiring your brand-new tradie website, you notice a button tucked away in the top-right corner: one that simply says “blog”.

We’ll let you in on a secret: it’s that little button that holds the secret to a successful tradie marketing strategy!

How so?

Blogs hold the secret to successful tradie marketing

Take it from us: having your website rank for lots of keywords and searches isn’t a once-and-done process like fixing a leaky pipe or installing a new power outlet.

Having an absolute cracker of a website isn’t enough – you need to work on it if you want to see ongoing results.

When our team has successfully pushed you to the top of popular search engines results, you want to stay there. That requires active, ongoing work.

Simply put, Google looks at a lot of things when determining how to rank websites. Generally however, Google prioritises sites that put out a steady stream of informative, original and high-quality content that matches what Google’s users are looking for.

If you want your tradie website to rank well, you’ll have to play by Google’s rules. That means creating that stream of content Google loves so much!

The thing is, there are only so many times you can add a new page to your site, or expand an existing page until your site becomes an impossible-to-read mess.

The solution? Blogs like this one!

How blogs improve your SEO

Unlike website updates and additions, blogs give you an excuse to create that steady stream of content Google puts such a large emphasis on… without clogging up your site!

Our team help countless tradies all over Melbourne by providing consistent monthly content that is tailored to the priorities of their business. This content is tailored for specific SEO goals and search terms, and be uploaded to your website as a blog.

All of which ensures that search engines will continue to rank your website favourably, which in turn leads to:

  1. Increased visibility with potential clients
  2. More phone calls and bookings
  3. More jobs for you and your team!

But that isn’t all…

While improving and maintaining your rank on search engines is the first consideration as a blogging tradie, that isn’t the only way blogs help your tradie digital marketing.

Tradie websites with blogs are more relatable

While we’re not psychologists, over the years we have noticed something interesting: namely, the fact that people respond better when they can put a face to your business.

You don’t just have to take our word for it either – this is a phenomenon that many in the industry have noticed!

We’re serious – many of our tradies have seen increases in conversions all because we replaced a stock photo on their tradie website with a professional picture of them and their team.

Needless to say, running a tradie blog can often have a similar effect!

Blogs allow your personality to shine through. All of a sudden, there’s a person there – and as we mentioned above, that is a powerful thing. For many customers, that little bit of personality might be all that’s needed to convince them to give you a call.

tradies marketing

Targeted blog posts on your tradie website highlight your expertise

When something breaks around the house, homeowners want tradies who are reputable, qualified and who know their stuff.

There are many ways to build that credibility:

  • Fantastic reviews
  • A long work history
  • Photos or videos of successful jobs

However, there’s another less-known way of boosting your credibility. Can you guess?

If you said blogging, you’d be 100% correct!

Blogging provides you an avenue to demonstrate you competence, services and know-how.

For example, say you’re a plumber and you’re typing up a quick post about a recent flooded home you were called to attend. You can write about what the problem was, and what you would have done differently if it were you who was responsible for the installation

Alternatively, a blog post that is tailored to a niche skill within your trade is a great way to gain recognition for your specialised services.

And if you hear of a new development in the industry, don’t be afraid to put pen to paper (or finger to keyboard in this case) and write something about it.

Bam! Now you’ve just established yourself as an authority in your trade!

More content on your site = more entry points

When it comes to online marketing, the more entry points the better.

It’s a numbers game, really. More pages (including blog posts) means more opportunities for your website to be discovered online.

And that directly translates into more visitors for your site, and more potential customers.

Of course, volume isn’t the only thing that matters – it’s important that just like the rest of your tradie website, these blogs are of good-quality.

And that’s where we come in…

Stand out from other tradesman websites with help from iformat’s marketing team

Are you looking to upgrade your website design?

Hoping to increase your call volume with a tradie website that brings customers to you?

If so, you need the team at iformat!

iformat has a vast amount of experience creating online marketing and content strategies for tradies all over Melbourne. While the industries may have differed, there’s one thing that has stayed constant: the results.

Whether it’s a sparkie, plumber or mechanic, we’ve consistently been able to:

  • Increase online visibility for our clients
  • Get them ranking for relevant keywords
  • Bring in more phone calls and more jobs!

We work with a number of tradies who are beyond happy with the results we were able to provide. Just click here to find out what we’ve been able to do for them, and what they have to say about our results.

If you would like to get in contact with our team to discuss the online tradie marketing potential for your business, give us a call on 1300 88 64 50, or click here to get in touch.