Do you ever wonder why you’re not earning enough money out of your tradie business?

You are certified, licensed and an expert tradie. You do fantastic work, and hold your workmanship to an incredibly high standard. You don’t just hold the right certificate – you’ve gone above and beyond, upskilling and training in a range of areas.

But despite all of this, you’re not getting as many calls and enquiries that you expect.

May we suggest something? It could be the problem is nothing to do with your work – rather, it could be a problem with the way you’re selling yourself.

Any business owner knows that competence and quality aren’t only the two important things in sustaining a business – you will  also need to be able to convert visitors into leads and loyal clients.

And that starts by improving your tradie website.

Optimising websites for tradies goes far beyond simply having one – you’ll need to direct people to it first. And once they’re there, you’ll need to take measures to improve your conversion rate and turn visitors into callers.

Luckily for you, our digital marketing agency in Melbourne is going to be sharing some of the ways you can get more calls and leads with conversion techniques.

Why do you need conversion techniques?

Most tradies will not realise the importance of conversion rate optimisation until they realise they’re not getting any calls or enquiries at all. 

People seeing an ad is one thing – getting them to act on it is another.

The same principle applies to tradie digital marketing. You need to direct people to your website – more importantly, you need to get them to actually call you for a job!

Besides, there are also a number of additional benefits of focusing on conversion rate optimisation that can help your tradie business grow even more.

Improves the look and experience of your website

A website converts is a website that looks good and is laid-out properly!

Okay, so this may not be a hard-and-fast rule. However, the two do go hand-in-hand, making this a fringe-benefit of implementing conversion techniques into your tradie marketing.

Conversion rate optimisation often starts by improving:

  • Speed
  • Mobility
  • Layout
  • Web Content
  • Target keywords

In addition to making people more likely to give you a call, each of these conversion techniques also make your website easier to navigate and use!

More conversions = more jobs

Really, that’s all we need to say about this!

What good is a tradie website if it doesn’t lead to anyone calling you or booking a consultation? At that point, it’s just a money sink.

By taking steps to up your conversion rate, you can turn your tradie website into a lead-generating machine, leading to all sorts of jobs.

And one that requires relatively little active upkeep once everything’s in place!


Once your conversion strategy is in place on your tradie website, you don’t need to lift a finger – it’s a once-and-done job.

This makes it an extremely cost-efficient way of increasing the number of jobs you get. By boosting your conversion rates, you’re able to save money that would have gone into other marketing efforts to compensate for your conversion rates.

Conversion techniques: how can you boost the number of conversions your tradie website generates?

Optimise your website for mobile devices

Did you know? Over half of all internet usage in Australia is from mobile devices!

And as such, your website needs to be able to support them.

If your tradie website is not mobile-friendly, chances are a chunk of your potential customers will not be able to view your site and instead will walk away and instead seek out other tradies whose sites are mobile-friendly.

Turning your tradie website into one that supports mobile devices is a bit of work – however, it more than pays off in conversions!

Improve your CTA copy

You’d be surprised how powerful a little reminder here and there can be.

As part of your conversion strategy, it’s important that you implement calls-to-action (CTA) into the site, sprinkled throughout your website to encourage readers to call or organise a quote.

Of course, there are a couple of things you’ll need to think about when improving your CTAs:

  • Spacing – CTAs need to be placed throughout your website
  • Placement – CTAs should be strategically placed based on where people are most likely to be willing to click
  • CTA copy – the CTAs themselves need to be compelling and attention-grabbing

Make it easy to get in touch

The best way to get somebody to do something is to make it easy for them.

When it comes to optimising your tradie website for conversions, you’ll want to make the process of getting in touch with you as simple and straightforward as possible.

For example:

  • Rather than just list a phone number, include a button that automatically puts them on the line with you
  • Build a contact form that allows people to send their problem as well as contact details instead of forcing them to open up an email app and get in touch that way
  • Set up a live chat to respond to queries in real-time
  • Make each CTA automatically open up a contact form or start a phone call

Not only do all of these make communication faster – they also make it easier.

And as we all know, people are more likely to do something if it’s easy – something that’s especially important during an emergency like a burst pipe or electrical hazard. As such, one of the best things you can do is minimise hurdles a caller might have to climb to get in touch.

Avoid offering too many options

Sometimes, less is more

Let us introduce you to a little thing called the paradox of choice – essentially, this is the idea that too many options actually makes things harder, and can even make you less satisfied.

When applied to websites for tradies, what this essentially means is that you’ll want to avoid overloading a visitor to your site with options.

Not only do you avoid the paradox of choice, but it’s also worth considering that for many tradies, the lion’s share of your jobs are for emergency repairs. People who are calling for immediate fixes probably don’t have the patience to fill out form after form – they just need someone to come fix the issue!

The best way to get these people to convert into callers? Don’t overload them with information – instead, make it easy to get in touch with you.

Get more calls and more jobs with the help of iformat!

We’re the experts when it comes to digital marketing for tradies

Optimising your tradie website for conversions is just one of the services our digital marketing professionals offer to tradies like you!

Conversions are just one part of an effective tradie digital marketing strategy – you’ll also need to:

  • Drive people to your site with tradie SEO
  • Support it with PPC advertising
  • Devise a content strategy
  • Ensure the back-end of the site works properly
  • … and more!

Our team looks after every facet of your tradie digital marketing, helping your tradie business thrive and grow.

Unlike other agencies, we offer tradies specially tailored digital marketing packages that are designed to accommodate the unique requirements of tradie businesses like yours.

Don’t believe us? See for yourself – check out what results we’ve been able to obtain for your fellow tradies!

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