When you think of tradie marketing, what comes to mind?

Odds are you think of things like:

  • Newspaper ads
  • Flyers
  • Sponsorships for the local Auskick club

The more forward-thinking tradies however understand that digital marketing is one type of marketing that tradies cannot afford to ignore, and are increasingly turning to tactics like SEO, remarketing and PPC advertising to bring in leads.

However, there’s one part of the digital marketing mix that even many of these tradies are completely neglecting. Can you guess what it is?

Video, and why it matters in tradie marketing

While it may not be the first thing that comes to mind when you think about ways to improve your tradie marketing, videos can be a powerful tool when it comes to online marketing for tradies.

Unfortunately, it’s one that often gets overlooked by tradies, and they lose out on the many benefits video can bring to the table.

If you feel like your tradie digital marketing is missing that extra ingredient, it might be time to bust out the camera and start writing a script!

 Videos turn heads

If a picture says a thousand words, then video is worth many, many times that!

As we say in the business, content is king – and among the different types of content out there, video is by far the one that gets the strongest reaction from potential customers.

The whole point of websites for tradies is to build confidence in your skills and workmanship, and to convince people to call you for their upcoming job, and not your competing tradies.

And what better way to do it than with video?

Whether it’s a video showcasing successful jobs in the past, selling your services, explaining your unique process or just introducing your team and talking about your experience, video is the best way of grabbing people’s attention.

And that’s what makes it such a powerful tool in your digital marketing tool belt!

It helps with SEO

Users aren’t the only ones who pay attention when they see video – Google does as well!

Out of the many criteria and factors that Google analyses when it comes to tradie SEO, multimedia is one of the biggest.

As we’ve mentioned before, Google likes to reward quality content by ranking it higher. It likes content that’s engaging, attention-grabbing and which has had effort put into it.

And video just so happens to tick each of these boxes!

According to some findings, the presence of multimedia such as images, graphs and of course, videos directly correlates with ranking, with pages that are plain text falling far behind those that use multimedia and video in search engine results.

Make a strong first impression

A lot of trades work responsively – that’s to say, they turn up to fix emergencies and other one-off jobs.

However, not all tradies work this way – many get most of their business as subcontractors, or through ongoing service like mechanics. Maybe they just work in an area where potential clients are much choosier, like in construction.

In these cases, it’s much more important that you make a good pitch – simply being in the neighbourhood and close enough to fix a problem won’t necessarily be enough anymore.

And what better way of doing that than with video?

 Working video into your digital marketing

Show off your expertise

People want a tradie that knows their stuff – and content is a great way of doing that.

Blogs, articles and guides are a great way of proving that you know your trade, and that you can be trusted to work on their home, car or property.

A better way of doing it? With video.

As they say, a picture says a thousand words. So logically, a video should be the strongest way of communicating your expertise and skill as a tradie by giving you the opportunity to:

  • Flaunt your workmanship
  • Show a WIP job
  • Show your process

All of which can go a long way towards establishing your credibility.


Customer reviews are one of the best ways to convince a potential client to choose you for their upcoming job.

They’re also not that hard to fake if you have the time to do it!

A video review on the other hand is much more credible. All of a sudden, the viewer is looking at a real person, talking about their real problem – as well as how you fixed it for them.

Videos on websites for tradies and social media: using video in content marketing

Who said written content was the only type of content allowed?

It’s important that you create good, original and high-quality content. It’s also important that you put out a good variety of it.

Why not make video a part of it? Especially since videos are the most engaging type of content there is?

And it isn’t just videos on their own, either – any videos you do complete can then be embedded with future content like a blog post or social media update, helping to enhance it and make it better than if it were just text.

It doesn’t have to be a big, expensive production

One of the biggest hurdles that many tradies mention when discussing video? Time – after all, “won’t video take a lot of time to put together?”

If you’re thinking of a professional getup with lighting and all that, you’d be right. However, there’s no law saying that it needs to be super flashy or impressive!

Even a couple of quickly put-together videos filmed on your phone while you’re on the road can be quite effective at enhancing your content marketing, and helping you make connections with potential clients.

Of course,you’ll still want at least a handful of videos that are professionally filmed.

One good idea is to use the “pretty ones” on your tradie website, and fill in the gaps using timely and topical videos as you see fit? For example, a quickly done video comparing before and after on a successful job here and there can be a great idea.

Your go-to team for tradie digital marketing

There are a lot of SEO and digital marketing agencies out there.

But how many of them are specialised in helping tradies like yourself?

Let’s face it, tradies have some unique circumstances and requirements that other businesses don’t have to deal with.

Unless your digital marketing specialist team has experience working with tradies and their unique needs, can you really say that you’re getting the best outcome?

That’s where we come in.

We here at iformat have years of experience working with tradies of all shapes and sizes, from small one-person businesses to tradie operations with a whole fleet of vehicles and dozens of tradies working underneath them.

While the tradies we work with cover all sorts of trades, the one thing that’s the same between each of them are the results we’re able to get.

With digital marketing strategies that are specifically designed for the unique needs of tradies like yourself, we’re able to get you more:

  • Of the jobs you want
  • From the customers you want
  • In the areas you want

We can even help you with your video needs – all you need to do is ask!

Get in touch today for more effective tradie marketing – give us a call on 1300 88 64 50, or click here to touch base online.