Did you know that 90% of all information that goes to the brain is visual?

Make no mistake, appearance matters. That’s why a good tradie (such as yourself) puts a lot of stock in how they look. You turn up to customers’ houses wearing a clean uniform and polished tools… and this holds true for your online presence too!

Written content is effective at making conversions, but for it to do so, you need to convince people to click on your content first!

If you want to draw attention and connect with your customers, you’ll want to make sure your site, social media and digital presence are all polished and look good.

Your site’s visuals might seem like a minor thing. But looking at the big picture, they can have a huge impact on your business.

Here’s how:

Visuals promote customer engagement

What do you find easier to remember, a block of text or a well-presented chart or picture?

We’re willing to bet you said the second!

Visuals communicate information much quicker than words could ever hope to, builds trust (seeing is believing, after all) and most importantly, is easy to engage with.

It’s easy to consume and understand… and that’s what makes it perfect for connecting with your customers. You can’t build a customer base without engagement, and you can’t engage your customers without some strong visuals to get them to connect with you!

Visuals add more credibility to your content

Does the word “priming” ring a bell?

We’re not psychologists, but here’s a quick run-down. Pictures, colours and even shapes can set the tone for what we think. Visuals influence what a reader thinks and gets them in a certain mindset.

And all that before they’ve even read a single word!

If you visit a site that looks like it comes from the 90s, how likely are you to keep reading? Sure, the content might be worth reading – it might even be fantastic – but you’re probably not going to lend it much credibility.

Compare it to a site like this (full disclosure: we worked on that one). It has a professional-looking colour scheme, plenty of pictures and a layout that’s easy on the eyes.

Which one of these two are you more inclined to read? Which one are you more likely to trust with your hard-earned cash?

Appearances shape what customers think of your tradie business. They indirectly affect how credible you’re seen as.

Furthermore, they can also add value to your online content in a much more direct manner. Namely, you can show readers some of your past work through a gallery or shooting a video blog. Through this, viewers can have a glimpse of your tradie expertise – seeing is believing!

Inspires readers to take action

Creating compelling visuals is more complex than just uploading a couple of pictures and calling it a day.

It even goes deeper than deciding where the pictures are going to be implemented – it’s also important to think about your site’s layout.

Good website layout encourages action from your readers. At iformat, we design websites in a way that guides readers through a process and ultimately, convert them into customers for your tradie business.

In our experience, few visitors scroll down on websites. Your site has 30 seconds to tell visitors everything they need to know.

That’s why we build shorter pages that convey all the essential information and links near the top of the page. We structure sites in a manner that encourages readers to make a call with action buttons and forms.

Make a memory

If you want to be successful as a tradie, you’ll want to make sure you’re the first tradie your customers remember.

Let’s face it, very few customers have a regular tradie they’ll call for problems around their homes. In most cases, people with house trouble just call the first tradie that comes to their mind.

You can see where we’re going with this!

We might sound like a broken record, but take it from us: most people remember visuals much better than they remember words. Creative and engaging visuals (colour, photos, video… even memes) don’t just help promote your tradie expertise. They also ensure your tradie business is remembered by visitors.

In our experience, another simple (but very effective) idea that can be very effective is including a picture of you and your team on your home page. People are hardwired to detect faces… even when there aren’t any (look up pareidolia to see what we mean). A picture of you and your team can be surprisingly good at getting people to remember you.

Need a visually-engaging site? Talk to iformat!

If you’re serious about getting more leads for your tradie business, you’ll need to work on a lot of things.

Chief among them, how your website looks.

If you need help turning your conversion rates around, talk to iformat. We offer a range of services from web design, to content marketing, to ongoing SEO improvement.

We’re big believers in the idea that your tradie website is much more than just a site. Turn your site into a 24/7 sales team – call iformat now on 1300 88 64 50, or fill in the form here to start getting more calls.