Did you catch this video when it made the rounds a couple of years ago?

It’s pretty incredible stuff. It’s also been pretty thoroughly debunked, so if you wanted to become the next viral sensation, you’ll have to think of something else.

SFX or not however, it does tie into an interesting point – how can you be a trending tradie? What does that involve? And how can it help you grow your tradie business?

You mightn’t think of tradies such as yourself as the type of person who makes it big online. Believe it or not however, there are a lot of things tradies can do to get attention online… even better, a lot of it can make your tradie business way more marketable too!

So, what kind of a tradie are you?

Blogger tradie

Do you follow any blogs? Or even write one yourself?

If so, you’re not alone. It’s estimated that 77% of all internet users read blogs, with 440 million blogs in the world.

Make no mistake, blogs make up a significant chunk of all online content!

Blogs are a great way for tradies to market themselves online. Blogger tradies (bloggies?) can write about anything that crosses your mind:

  • Insights into your trade, tools and processes
  • DIY tips & tricks (though you don’t want to give your readers too much!)
  • Your typical day
  • How your trade works
  • It doesn’t even have to relate to your trade!

Blogging about your trade does a couple of things. First off, it’s a relatively painless way of raising your profile. Good content gets shared, and if you write solid content, people might start sharing your posts, exposing your tradie business to countless potential new customers.

Moreover, it establishes your credibility. Customers want a tradie that knows what they’re talking about – blogging can help you flaunt your knowledge and skill for all to see.

Finally, it can have a positive impact on your digital marketing too! At iformat, content is the key pillar in many of the strategies we put together for our clients… and for most, that means blogs. Regular blogs don’t just draw people to your site – they also help improve your search engine results.

Innovator tradie

There’s a (frankly, unfair) stereotype of tradies as rough, dirty and, well, a bit behind the curve tech-wise!

While the dirty and rough stereotype is slowly dying (good riddance!), the last one’s taking a bit longer. Fortunately, there are a couple things tradies can do to position themselves on the cutting-edge. The first is to keep on top of the latest trends in the industry.

The other? Making use of all the technology we have now!

Becoming a trendy tradie isn’t just about getting your content to trend online… it’s also about keeping up with the latest in tradie technology.

One helpful app that make the tradie life and business a whole bunch easier is Tradezquote. Created by for tradies specifically, Tradezquote (and similar systems) virtually eliminates automates your invoices, project documents and all your other paperwork – they even integrate with your CRM and accounting software.

Tradies who innovate don’t only make their own lives easier – electronic systems save time by automating much of the admin side of your business, giving you more time to focus on securing jobs.

Online marketing tradie

If you want to be a trending tradie, you might need to start by putting some thought into your digital strategy.

There’s a lot that goes in to getting yourself trending. It’s not enough to build a basic website and update your Facebook every once in a while – it takes an entire digital strategy.

Take it from us, tradies that put serious effort into their online marketing stand to gain significant sales and business opportunities:

SEO strategies

Focus on making your site more easily searchable on Google. Better results on Google means more clicks, and that means more jobs for you!

Web design & development

Your site needs high-quality content. More importantly however, your site needs to be responsive and good-looking too – after all, 75% of customers judge a business based on their website!

Content strategy

At iformat, we live by the mantra “content is king”. Good content doesn’t just inform – it convinces customers to pick up the phone by communicating your credibility and experience.

Social media strategy

It’s not enough to just post to Facebook and hope for the best. You need to know who’s following, what they want to know and how to work around that.

Pay-per-click strategy

Want conversions, and fast? PPC is a cost-effective way of ensuring your site is found on Google by people looking for your skills.

These are just some of the services we offer tradies at iformat. Working with you, we build a comprehensive strategy using these tools (and more) to help you reach your customer base.

Grow your business with tradie marketing!

Do you want your tradie business to:

  • Get more calls?
  • Receive more enquiries?
  • Be easily found on Google?

If you want to be a trending tradie, get in touch with iformat. We’ve helped countless tradies such as yourself analyse, improve or build digital strategies from scratch.

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