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Why a Google My Business Listing is crucial for tradie marketing

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Have you ever tried searching for your tradie business on Google? If you did, either one of these two things might happen:

  1. You can easily see your tradie website on Google search, or;
  2. You can hardly find it anywhere

Needless to say, we want your tradie website to be the first option!

And one of the essential things you’ll need? A Google My Business listing.

This is a free tool that only takes a couple of minutes to set up. Despite its relative simplicity however, this little box has a huge impact on your tradie marketing strategy – in particular, on local search, Google Maps, and conversion rates.

How so?

Introducing: Google My Business

Just Google us, for example. When the search results pop up, on the right side of the screen you’ll notice a box with all of our:

  • Contact details
  • Pictures
  • Customer reviews
  • Opening hours

Essentially, that’s what a Google My Business listing offers.

Having a Google My Business helps online users to find you quickly and more conveniently. It creates a short-cut of sorts, which can help generate more phone calls and leads.

And most importantly, it isn’t something that’s automatically generated!

Many of our tradie clients operate under the assumption that their tradie business is already included in the Google Business listing, and that online searchers simply aren’t interested.

This is wrong – to get your Google My Business Listing, you need to fill it out manually.

Only then will you enjoy the full benefits of being in Google business listing, including…

1) More leads and phone calls

According to psychologists, humans are lazy – specifically, we’re all wired to automatically seek the path of least resistance.

Naturally, that means whoever offers this path is more likely to get phone calls!

You can look at it this way; if customers need the information on your contact number and hours of service, a Google My Business listing will present that information right there.

This eliminates much of the hassle and streamlines the process significantly – in some cases, this might be all a searcher needs to pick up the phone and ring!

2) Rank better, faster

Page ranking for any tradie business is very important – you might not know this, but 75% of all clicks go to the first page, with a whopping 33% going to the first result alone!

Long story short, being on the top of search engine results is what leads to clicks… and a Google My Business listing can help!

Your listing gives Google more information to work with. Location, service areas, industry… all of this information goes into Google’s search algorithm, which then uses this to determine how exactly your website should be ranked.

3) Improve your local SEO 

As a tradie in Melbourne, you’ll want phone calls coming from people who are in your service area. For example, if you’re based in south-east Melbourne, you don’t want calls coming from the other side of the CBD!

When it comes to tradie marketing, local SEO is the name of the game.

And a Google My Business Listing can help with that.

As we mentioned above, a Google My Business listing also includes geographic information, such as your base of operations and your service area.

This helps Google determine what suburbs your service area includes, and helps improve your rank for searches including those particular suburbs.

Not to mention, you can also include a Google Maps listing in your My Business listing, which helps Google nail which suburbs you operate in and therefore rank you more accurately.

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4) Highlight customer feedback

One of the biggest reasons to get a Google My Business Listing? The reviews.

You might notice that the listing box has a section dedicated to reviews. As we all know, people give reviews a lot of weight – therefore, good reviews can help sway internet users to call you over other tradies.

Your listing collates reviews from multiple sources such as Facebook, Zomato and more. It then displays your score prominently on the search page, making it a powerful sales tool.

Additionally, it allows anyone with a Google account to leave a review without having to register for a separate account either, which may lead to a higher volume of reviews.

Not to mention, Google reviews also come into Google’s ranking algorithm, with higher-scoring businesses ranking higher than lower-scoring ones.

Just another reason to apply for and fill out your listing ASAP!

5) How you can turn a GMB listing into an FAQ

One of the fields on your Business Listing you might notice is the questions section.

This allows potential customers to get in touch directly and ask questions. For example, somebody looking for an electrician might ask whether your business operates on public holidays, or if you’re also licensed to install data cabling.

Another useful tip is to turn the questions section into a makeshift FAQ. Have somebody you know ask all the common questions – not only will this save time, but it may help convince searchers to get in touch sooner.

Take your tradie marketing to the next level

Get help from a digital marketing agency in Melbourne!

A Google My Business listing is crucial if you want to build yourself a successful tradie marketing strategy.

However, it’s simply the first step – if you really want to take your business to the next level, you’ll want to talk to a tradie marketing expert.

That’s because building a tradie marketing strategy that consistently brings in phone calls and jobs from the customers you want isn’t a once-and-done thing.

Rather, it’s an ongoing process – one that often requires help from a specialist.

iformat is a digital marketing agency in Melbourne that specialises in marketing for tradies.

Our mission is simple: to help you get more leads, phone calls and jobs with proven online marketing strategies. We’re all about getting your business found…

  • By the customers you want
  • For the jobs you want

Learn more about how iformat can benefit your tradie business. Contact us today at 1300 88 64 50 or by clicking this link.

You can also visit us for website for tradies in Melbourne: pop into our office at 105D Carpenter Street, Brighton 3186 VIC.

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