Marketing for tradies is never that easy or straightforward.

We work with a lot of tradies, and we’ve noticed that when it comes to trades, there are two types:

  1. The older ones who operate out of unmarked panel vans and typically work cash-in-hand jobs
  2. The ones who take their image seriously, have branded vans and use a thorough documentation and invoicing system

While some tradesmen make an effort in their tradie marketing, even tradies in the second category often overlook the importance of digital marketing, not realising its value.

Whether you’ve only just started your tradie business or are an established business, it’s crucial that you put thought into your marketing efforts. Unfortunately, many tradies seem to overlook it, or think that their workmanship will speak for itself.

Marketing for tradies isn’t that easy or straightforward, especially in the digital sphere.

Done right however, and it can help you:

  • Promote your tradie business
  • Get more leads and calls
  • Emphasise your business reputation
  • Helps you achieve your business goals

So, how do you market as a tradie? Our tradie marketing tips

Tradie marketing goes far beyond relying on word-of-mouth advertising alone. Nowadays, you will need new ways and new marketing strategies to boost your sales and get more calls and bookings for your business.

And paying attention to your digital marketing is a great place to start with that.

If you ask us, the best advertising for tradesmen is by upping your digital game. And that means…

Getting your website updated

Many tradies don’t even have a website at all, and for many that do, their sites are simple, single-page affairs that haven’t been updated since 2005 (or earlier!)

Your tradie website is one of the most accessible ways for people to find you and your services. Unfortunately, an old website that’s hard to navigate can really impede this and make it hard to make conversions.

If you cannot remember when the last time you’ve had your content and web design updated, then that’s probably a sign that you need to refresh this vital customer touchpoint.

And it isn’t just for customer experience, either – an old tradie website can also impact other areas too, such as:

  • Search engine optimisation
  • Loading times
  • Compatibility with mobile phones

Connect with customers

Really, this is just common sense!

Responding quickly to their enquiries and requests does two things:

  1. It doesn’t give them time to run off and call another tradie for their job
  2. It makes you look good and like you’re on the ball, plain and simple

Really, we needn’t say much more than that!

Of course, when it comes to connecting with customers and clients, being prompt to answer phone calls is just part of it. It’s also important that tradies make themselves easy to access.

That can mean creating social media accounts and being responsive to customer enquiries, or setting your website up so that visitors can easily shoot you an email without having to jump through a dozen hoops.

And while we’re on the topic of emails…

Customer relationship management is key

Obviously this won’t apply to all tradies. For example, tradies who specialise in emergency repairs will rarely get repeat customers (unless their home plumbing is super dodgy, that is).

For tradies that work as contractors, on construction projects or who specialise in ongoing maintenance, inspections and repairs however, many of your customers will be ones you’ve worked with before.

If that sounds like your tradie business, then it’s crucial that you put effort in managing your existing relationships.

It can mean something as simple as sending a Christmas card, sending out friendly reminder emails when they’re due for an inspection or just checking in after completing a job to see how your work is holding up.

Not only does this help the client, but it also means that you stay in their awareness and make them more likely to rely on you for future jobs.

Just be sure not to overdo it!

Advertise successful jobs

Many tradies – builders in particular – like to hang up little signs outside homes they’ve worked on. This can be a great form of advertising – however, it isn’t the only way you can broadcast your successful jobs.

Do you have a social media profile for your tradie business? If so, that’s another place you can advertise your previous successes.

Remember to connect these to your website as well, so that any visitors who swing by can immediately see what you’ve been working on!

Search engine optimisation is key

If you’re looking for a way to get more eyeballs onto your website, then you can’t afford to sleep on the power of SEO.

Standing for search engine optimisation, this is all about understanding Google’s search algorithm, and tweaking your website with this knowledge in mind so that your tradie website will be what pops up when somebody searches for your trade online.

Think about it – people aren’t using Yellow Pages anymore, and newspaper sales are on a downward spiral.

Where are people going instead? Why, to Google of course.

For “responsive” tradies in particular (that’s to say, tradies whose bread-and-butter are emergency repairs) SEO is a crucial part of your marketing efforts by ensuring that you’re visible to people who’ve run into some sort of emergency around the house.

Seek help from an experienced digital marketing agency

Get more calls and leads with iformat!

Whether it’s digital marketing for plumbers or digital marketing for electricians, things like search engine optimisation, paid search ads and remarketing can be powerful ways of generating leads for your tracie business.

Moreover, they can also be extremely difficult for you to implement on your own.

Oftentimes, it requires a lot of technical knowledge. And it almost always takes up a considerable amount of time – time you might not have if you’re busy going from job to job throughout the day.

That’s where we come in.

Our team are specialists in a range of digital marketing techniques, which we combine to create tailored marketing packages tailored for the needs of tradies such as yourself.

A digital marketing agency implements processes from web design, pay-per-click strategy, content, SEO or a mix of different techniques, each is focused on guaranteeing a high return on investment (ROI).

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